Juventus - Genoa Streams for iPad

Juventus iPad Streams

No team sums up Italian football quite like Juventus. The Bianconeri have great links to the national team and are the club who hold the most Serie A titles, and what better way to keep up to date with all the Juve live action than to watch them live on your iPad.

Fans of Juve worldwide can watch live Serie A and the Juventus - Genoa stream live for iPad users at Football Streams TV from Unibet.

Live Juventus matches are not readily available on TV, but with online streaming we are able to bring you every single Juve match in 2012. And now you have the ultimate access with Juventus live on your iPad 1 or iPad 2.

Sometimes even putting your PC on can feel like a chore, but now you can have the amazing iPad by your side at home or while travelling and watch Juve live online.

Recent History
The 2006 Italian football match fixing scandal rocked the sport, the game in Italy, but more specifically Juventus. The club were demoted to Serie B and have spent the last 6 years attempting to recover from that bitter blow, which was the first and only time the club have been out of Serie A in their history.

After several years of rebuilding it looks like the Bianconeri are once again ready to challenge at the top. This season under manager and former player Antonio Conte, Juve are on course to win the Scudetto and re-enter the Champions League.

Juve Live on iPad
Juventus are once again vying for glory and you can follow them every step of the way with the high quality live streams on your iPad. The stunning Apple device is a perfect platform for live football with the 9.7 inch screen offering crisp and colourful visuals.

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